Welcome To Gal Pal Goods! Gal Pal Goods offers a collection of goods with a positive vibe for women and youth. Simple designs with empowering fun messages that mirror the Gal Pal mission to live a beautiful life with purpose, grace and joy.

Gal Pal Goods donates a percentage of money from every purchase to causes that matter to women and families. Causes such as The Malala Fund and Raising Resilience.

Gal Pal blog at Galpal.net is an authentic source for fresh ideas and inspiration for what matters most to women. We have a pulse on the hot topics women are talking about.

An inspirational weekly blog with quick read articles, tips and real-life stories that empower women everywhere. We feature articles written by various women who can share different perspectives and expertise in all areas of life.

We are creating a sisterhood as we bring women together for the greater good. Gal Pal is about “us” not about one women or experience. We have many authors who are experts in their field and offer tips and stories to help and inspire us all.

Our mission is to cut through the clutter and deliver relevant content to inspire everyday women to live a beautiful life with purpose, grace and joy.


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Lisa Marinkovich
Founder & Blogger

Lisa is a lifestyle blogger in the greater Seattle area.She is passionate about bringing women together for the greater good. She blogs at galpal.net.